I'm Tyler Chen, applied math student at the University of Washington. To find out more about my interests, achievements and hobbies you can visit my personal website, chen.pw.

I've hosted a variety of my creative work on this site. I completed a studio art minor at Tufts, with an emphasis on (graphic) design. While I primarily study math I find that in order to obtain solutions to problems in this field, a large amount of non-analytic thinking is required. To me a studio art minor is simply a way to explore this creative process in a context different than equations and diagrams.

In graphic design there is an inherent need to convey some message. My work attempts to do this in a simple and straightforward fashion. In every one of my pieces I think through exactly what I want to convey and how to effectively do so. My goal is to create works which are minimalistic but which sufficiently convey the messages I wish.

The art I do outside of graphic design does not generally embed any deeper meaning or message. Rather, I try to focus on the techniques and processes used and aesthetics achieved. Much of my work incorporates algorithmic processes. Some of these processes are implemented by hand (as in the case of my CMYK bird drawing), but generally I use python (or other scripting languages) to produce digital artifacts, patterns, and designs.